Informational Learning Management Strategy for professionals, non-profit, and public-sector clients

At the cutting edge of techno-pedagogy

Bob Boiko is ahead of the curve in development for Learning Management Systems, and an essential voice of the cutting edge.

He invents and implements new techniques in areas gamification, flipping, learning scaffolds, techno-pedagogical areas such as automated evaluation, social education, and synchronous/asynchronous mixing.

Learning Systems Seminars

Bob Boiko is a very experienced presenter and workshop host. Get your team hyped about pedagogy with teaching sessions and briefs about the latest technology.

Learning Systems Design

Bob has been designing systems for 30 years. Bring him in to help you figure out and specify what you need in a system.

Learning Systems Implementation

Not only does Bob Boiko have experience running software development teams, he has built entire learning systems by himself. Let him lead your effort to create the system that will most benefit your team.

Meet Bob Boiko

Founder and President of Metatorial Services Inc. Bob is an extremely skilled analyst, facilitator, teacher, designer, and architect. He has sat on large scale development advisory boards, and recieved the - 2005 EContent 100 - Award for leadership in the content management industry. He is now a faculty member of the University of Washington Information School.

History in the Field

Recognized world-wide as a leader in the field of content management and now learning management Bob has been designing and building information systems for over 30 years. During that time, Bob Boiko made systems for some of the world's top technology corporations (including Microsoft, Motorola, and Boeing) and biggest non-profits (including the UN and the Gates Foundation)